Junk Drawer Ecology
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By Bobby Mercer

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Published Dec 2021

Junk Drawer Ecology is a hands-on guide to saving the planet. Fun, free science activities help kids of all ages learn about the science of our planet's ecology. The environment is changing every day, and we can help slow that change. Using free or low-cost things children already have around their homes, these activities are perfect to stimulate young brains.   Readers will learn about the importance of the polar regions without leaving their communities, about new ways to cut our dependence on fossil fuels, about all forms of pollution, and how they can make a difference. Junk Drawer Ecology will give inquisitive kids many hours of fun and help them learn at the same time.  

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A plastic cup becomes a pinhole camera; balloons, bottles, and straws become a working model of the heart and lungs; a handful of crackers becomes proof of the Pythagorean theorem—with the Junk Drawer Science series, kids of all ages can transform everyday household items into tools for exploring important math and science concepts. Perfect for educators and parents alike, each book is packed with 50 unique, low-cost activities and experiments, all of which include a handy materials list and detailed, step-by-step instructions and illustrations.